You will find a comprehensive list of services available at Animal Medical Clinic. From routine vaccinations to nutritional advice, surgery, emergency services, boarding and so much more, we’re here to provide everything your pet needs to live a happy, active, and vital life. Pets add so much to their owners’ quality of life, and you can count on us to do everything we can to keep your best friend a healthy and involved member of your family.

For more information on these or other services, please call 308-382-6330.

Emergency & Urgent Care

Our clinic is one of five local clinics that participate in an on-call service.  Each veterinarian is on-call one weekend per month, and one night of the week. The veterinarian on-call will assist you with whatever you need until you can get into our office.  You can reach the emergency service number by calling the clinic number and listening for the number on the message.

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Preventative & Routine Health Care

  • Basic Puppy Series Vaccines
    Starting at 8 weeks old and finishing series by 16 weeks old.
  • Kitten Series Vaccines
    Starting at 8 weeks old and finishing series by 16 weeks old.
  • Yearly Adult Dog/Cat Vaccines
    At Animal Medical Clinic, your pet’s annual checkup would include; physical exam, vaccines and a microscopic fecal examination.
  • Monthly flea and tick preventatives
    Monthly heartworm preventatives
A little grey kitten sitting on the table looking at the camera

Pet Dental Care

Your pet’s dental health care is just as important as your own dental health care. Animal Medical Clinic recommends a thorough dental exam every 6 to 12 with a dental cleaning as needed. Your vet will determine how often based on your pet’s needs.

Dentals are done at Animal Medical Clinic on a daily basis (except for Saturdays, half days or holidays.) We can perform extractions at the clinic, but if more complex dental care is needed, we will refer you to a veterinary dental clinic.

A dog before having their teeth cleaned


A dog after having their teeth cleaned


Surgery & Related Services

General Surgery:

  • Spay/Neuter
  • Declaw
  • Growth/Cyst Removal (with UNL/KSU Histopathology reports)
  • Laceration Repair

Specialized General:

  • Biopsies (with UNL/KSU Histopathology reports)
  • Cystotomy (bladder stone removal)
  • Urethrostomy
  • Extra-capsulary Cruciate Surgery

Ophthalmic Surgeries (Surgery of the eyes):

  • Cherry Eye repair
  • Prosthetic eye placements
  • Third Eyelid gland
  • Eyelash Wedge Resection

Surgical Laser

Instead of using a sharp scalpel blade for cutting on surgery patients, the laser uses a light beam to cut. The laser energy vaporizes the water found in tissues allowing it to cut the tissue. The energy seals the nerve endings and blood vessels, resulting in less pain and virtually no trauma to the tissue.

A team member performing surgery on a pet

If there is a special procedure that your pet requires, and we cannot perform the surgery here, we have a number of referral specialty clinics where we send our patients. We are more than happy to take care of the arrangements as far as making the appointments, transferring records, and getting you all the information you need about the clinic and how to get there.

Boarding & Daycare

In our general boarding facility, we have eight large runs, seven medium cages, and fifteen small cages. There are also eight large runs outside for when the weather is nice for dogs to spend a few hours outside.

Cat RoomCats have their own room for boarding with nine cages.

We use our intensive care ward to board special medical attention animals/sick patients. There are three extra small cages, six small cages, and two medium-sized cages.

A view of the boarding area for dogs
A view of the cat boarding area


We have one full-time groomer at Animal Medial Clinic who provides full service grooming. You can learn more about our Groomer on our staff page.

If you have questions about pricing or what sort of services we provide for your pet, please call us any time.

The groomer smiling while working on brushing out a small beige dog

Diagnostic Care

We can run many “in house” diagnostic tests that include:

  •     CBC (complete blood count)
  •     Comprehensive Profile (Screens for kidney, liver values as well as electrolytes)
  •     Thyroid Profile
  •     Liver Profile
  •     Urinalysis
  •     Fecal Centrifugation (to check for intestinal parasites)
  •     PCV/Clot time
  •     Skin scrapes/Ear swabs
A view of the in house laboratory and pharmacy with shelves of prescriptions and a microscope
A view of the in house laboratory with several medical devises on the shelves

Digital X-Ray

We have our own x-ray table that allows us to take x-rays in house and develop them internally.

Diagnostic x-rays can be sent to a referring clinic for a special procedure, if necessary.

The clinics x-ray machine

Dermatology/Allergy Testing

Animal Medical Clinic uses Heska Allercept testing. We send it out to a company in Loveland, Colorado. It is run from the serum of a whole blood sample. It tests for allergies that your pet may develop that are specific to this area. It ranges from weeds/pollens to house dust mites. For more information, please contact our office.

A medium sized white dog who is suffering from allergy issues
A white medium sized dog looking so happy after having her allergy issues solved

Nutritional/Prescription Diets

Hills Science Diet/Prescription Diets are what we use and recommend.  The Prescription Diets can only be bought through a veterinary clinic, and are specially formulated for pets with specific health problems.  We consult with the owners about these foods and what food would be most beneficial for the pet’s condition, before they are prescribed to the patient.

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Laser Therapy

Therapeutic Laser (Laser Therapy)

This is the newest addition to the services provided at Animal Medical Clinic. Laser therapy has been used for many years in the human medicine world and is starting to make an impact in the veterinary world. Laser treatments are beneficial because they decrease inflammation, accelerate tissue repair and cell growth, improve nerve function, and help decrease pain and reduce fibrous tissue formation. We have used laser therapy with great success on everything from wound healing and post surgical incisions, to arthritis care.


Animal Medical Clinic offers euthanasia services at all times during business hours. We also offer off-site cremation services that can either be “private,” where you get the ashes back in a nice wooden urn, or mass cremation, where the ashes are not saved.

Obedience Classes

Need an obedience class for your new pet? We recommend Dog Stars, Inc.! They offer a 6-week obedience class on Tuesdays. Current vaccinations are required.

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