Animal Medical Clinic got its start in February 1988.  Dr. Jack Anderson and his wife Pat Anderson owned and managed the clinic.  It was located on Webb Road in Grand Island, just north of Tom Dinsdale Chevrolet.  It was a small animal practice with the only doctor being Dr Anderson.

In 1999, fresh out of vet school, Dr. Melissa Girard (now known as Girard-Lemons) joined the Animal Medical Clinic team and continued with the business under Dr. Anderson until October 2005.  Dr Girard-Lemons purchased the Animal Medical Clinic from Dr. Anderson upon his retirement.

The clinic moved to several locations in Grand Island before building its current facility on Stolley Park Road in late summer of 2007. Since then, the practice has experienced continual growth. For more, please see our Useful Information page.

(This veterinary medicine caduceus is displayed in our front lobby and was designed and built entirely out of car parts  by Dr. Missy’s husband, Tim.)

A medal statue that is the veterinary logo